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Oct 26, 2004
Give Humanity a Chance

Bush or Kerry?
If you are still in doubt, then we should all fear for the world, for our futures, for our children, for our sanity.
If we continue to mistreat other cultures and peoples in the name of fighting terrorism with 'shock and awe' and such policies and tactics, then I wonder what is to become of us - the human race, in this tiny planet in this solar system, a dot in the greater universe, and who knows whats beyond that. Maybe our universe is just a molecule in a greater mega-universe.... Whatever is the situation, we don't need idiotic conflict in the name of fighting terrorism.
9.11 = Bin Laden. Iraq war = clever slight of hand.
Bush or Kerry. Kerry may be a little charismatically challenged, but don't let that put you off. He is a genuine guy, without being as much in the pockets of frightening vested interests.
Get a grip. Give the world a chance. Lets not make things worse than they are by giving that puppet of warmongers another term. Dick Chaney and Donald Rumsfeld in charge of the world! Perish the thought! A 'one society' configuration with normal people living as complient subjects of these monsters, with media manipulation the norm.
Give me a break! Give humanity a chance! Give human nature a chance! Give common sense a chance. Give the environment a chance! Give a peaceful world a chance! Stop fuelling hatred against the west! People from all over the world are being antagonised by Bush.
Please, please, please, do the right thing. The genuine, ordinary, normal people of the world wait in fear, but also in hope.
Goodnight from Ireland

Posted at 06:19 pm by OneIrishJoe
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Oct 21, 2004
Here we go .....

Dublin, Ireland, 2.05am Friday 22nd Oct 2004

All is quiet except for Chris De Burgh's Lady in Red on radio. Haven't heard that in a while. switched channels and get a repeat of Marion Finucane talking about epidural births. 'nough said. Time for bed.
The cialis and viagra emails keep coming as well as the Nigerian prince who wants me to help him get his uncle's 12 million out of the country for a nice fee. We didn't come down in the last shower! Give me a break..
May go to the country at the weekend. That sounds grand. Just a visit to the Tipperary parents and some siblings and cousins, maybe a few pints in a magic watering hole there...ah, thats sounds good.
Mary Harney is in the wars already with her health portfolio. The queues are lining up to pressure her. The trolley patients have to be looked after or this regime will suffer. Get the finger out Bertie.
Thats not much for the first blog entry. But better to come C Ya

Posted at 06:14 pm by OneIrishJoe
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